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Hi Erik,

I know this bike well having watched it being built a few years ago by a very well respected “scott man” here in Northern Ireland. The original 532 engine is fitted to a “bitsa” owned by the same man and should you buy the bike I’m sure a deal could be done to reunite the frame and engine. The 1923 engine is of the flat head type in that it has no water dome.

The bike is mechanically sound and ran well every time I saw it out. As you identified it could do with a few cosmetic improvements but these are fairly minor. I think the bike has a nice patina and I particularly like the re-cored radiator which was done by a local firm here in Belfast many years ago – see their plate soldered to the underside of the radiator. Where could you get work like that done nowdays?

As to value, how long is a piece of string? How much is the seller asking and how much are you prepared to pay for it? The bike went to Ron Farthing when the owner died – he was offered £4500 for it before it left N. Ireland and wouldn’t accept it. Personally speaking I think it’s worth £4000-£4500 but perhaps I’m being naiive since the price of 2 speeders seems to be on the up.

Hope these ramblings are of some use. Good luck with the purchase.

If you need more details I could pass on the telephone number of the man who rebuilt it. He would be only too pleased to speak to you but is not on the internet.