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Roger Moss

I was very lucky in 1967 to buy a 1928 Replica that had been in store since 1941. I had every reason to believe that the barrel had not been refinished.
From odd places where the finish had been chipped off, it was seen that the barrel had been polished and the finish was a tinted transparent varnish which, as the underlying polish of the iron barrel glows through, gives a unique appearence. True, you can get somewhere near the overall impression by using a non opaque paint, but it is definitely not the same.
I discussed this with Tom Ward in 1968 and he confirmed that this was indeed the process the factory used and he sold me a couple of little tins of tinted clear varnish that he had made up to replicate the original.
To do a quality rebuild takes much time and usually costs more than rebuilding other makes, so the least one can do is to try and present the job properly.
I send blocks to be polished at
Attleborough Metal Polishing Ltd
Unit 1, Oaston Road,
Warks CV11 6JX

02476 370 501

I can recommend them for all polishing and plating without reservation and they do all my work

After polishing,I carefully apply a degreaser then apply about 5 light coats of an aerosol transparent glass lacquer.
After this, about three coats of a clear lacquer to build up the surface.
As with all aerosols, it is quick, easy and relatively foolproof, unless you try to apply it too heavily, in which case it can run.

The supplier of this paint is

HMG Paints
Riverside Works
Collyhurst Road
Manchester M40 7RU

Tel: 0161 205 7631
Sales: 0161 202 2277
Fax: 0161 205 4829
web: http://www.hmgpaint.com
email (sales): sales@hmgpaint.com
email (website): mhutton@hmgpaint.com HMG Paints

The paint specification is
16oz AERO CEL / FS32 / PVC /RAD
UN No. 1950 Flash Point Below 0’C
MB162 Magenta Cellulose Glass Lacquer

I buy this in cases of 10 aerosols
I do not know if they will sell / send individual cans
I thought I would be able to sell these on, but the Post Office will not accept aerosols for carriage
I can send by carrier, but then the carriage price is higher than the cost of the paint.
I need to order another batch as I have another 10 barrels to paint in the next few months. If anyone wants me to take any to Abbotsholme, just advise on roger@mossengineering.co.uk