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Roger Moss

We see a very mixed bag of Scott components. This is inevitable, given the years of use they have had. Perhaps 85% of the heads are ultimately useable, but in that, for good use about 60% need re machining on bowed fire face and on nut seatings that are very often distorted through over tightening.
You can not effectively compensate for a bowed head by over tightening the 16 nuts, especially on heads with quite soft grade aluminium.
I admit that our first overriding concern is to get an engine that is easily identifiable as a Scott, that functions well as a device to propel a motorbike. Given the variety of small component changes Scotts made over the years, our preference would not be to put form before function. We do however, obviously abide by our customers preferences in such matters, but only after explaining the practical advantages and disadvantages carefully.
Largely we restore what folks bring to us, unless the components are past hope. If you keep searching, you may find exactly what you want. The old Holder stock of heads, were destroyed in the Trickett fire.
We make a quality new head for customers, who want an engine with upgraded output, but it is definitely more expensive than second-hand items and the shape is copied from just one of the many Scott profiles.
I add link here in case it might be of interest
Best of luck and Kindest Regards