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We seem to have gone off the subject of Scott Purple onto the crimson cylinder barrel lacquer….
The tank finish purple is actually darker than many attempts to match it in recent years, and I’ve seen everything from a hideous lilac shade thru’ to almost black.
The nearest readily available colour is FORD DARK AUBERGINE, and it is available from any car paint suppliers. If anyone wants to check out the colour when applied to a large area, (much better than looking at “chips”!), then you can get an aerosol from Halfords for £5-99. I’ve just checked on their website and about four out five branches have it in stock. I would emphasise that it is only an acrylic paint, so possibly not petrol proof, and therefore unsuitable for tanks. Of course it might be OK, and could easily be checked out on a test panel before applying to a tank.
Hope this helps.
Brian Marshall