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al perry

hi all;
in regard to the number of scotts in the usa, I suspect the actual number
is about 60, I know several members who have more than one, ( self included)and although we are smewhat spread out, I maintain a loose contact with
several, im in the north east (N.Y.) and there several about, there are also several in Tennessee, and some in some other southern states, and I know of and have corrasponded with at least two owners on the west coast, as well as several in Canada, and at least two in Pennsylvania, I try to “fly the Flag” at the antique Mc meets on the east coast, and am probably one of the only active two speed riders, at least Ive never met another on the road! if Mr. Paul Duchene is on the east coast, I can placeat least seven scotts at his disposal, more if he’s willing to travel a little!
best regards