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Jon Hodges

Hi Roy

Although not having practical experience of the Silk oil pump I have unearthed some references to the pump from old Yowls in the process of collecting all articles with any reference to George Silk or his products. The first announcement of the pump does states that it would be throttle controlled but on a subsequent price list of all his offerings at that time a handlebar lever is listed with the pump. This he called Town & Country. It may interest you to know that the price in 1970 was £12 complete with elbows and translucent nylon pipes and the additional lever added £1.75. There is also an article describing the pump in which it is stated that there is a connection for an oil feed to the carburettor if it is required.

I hope that this is of some help. I have been trying to persuade Paul to put all these Silk related articles up on a dedicated Silk page on the main SOC website. However in the meantime if anyone wants an index of all these articles I can supply that either emailed or by post. They should then be able to be found in the back issues of Yowl in the Members’ Section.

Good luck in getting the bike ready for Abbotsholme.

Jon Hodges