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Roger Moss

Hi Eric
Don Woodward made these tanks

Don Woodward
3 High Street
Lincs. PE10 0NR

01778 570 349

Hope he can help you.
If Don still has any drawings, it might be sensible to get them copied and lodged with Spares Scheme.
If you have problems, you might also talk to Clive Worrel

Clive Worrell
“Foxtwood” Foxt Road
Froghall Wharf
Staffordshire Moorlands
ST10 2HT

Tel UK 01538 266160
Mob 0403 176 405
email Clive Worrall E-mail Address(es): clive@foxtwood.fsnet.co.uk

There are several tank makers who advertise in OBM but some years ago I had mine made at Spondon Engineering in aluminium and a good job it was too

Spondon Engineering
78 Nottingham Road
Derbys DE21 7NL

Tel 01332 662 157
Contact Bob Stevenson

You might remember that Bob made all the Silk Scott and Silk frames as it was a design for Yamaha engines that was stretched.
Who Knows, he might still have the jig if anyone wants a new one.

Kind Regards