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Roger Moss

You are quite correct. There is no space to fit a snail cam normally
It is necessary to remove some metal by machining to make space.
3mm or 1/8″ inch should be enough, if you have, or know someone with machinery. I am building a bike, so I just followed what we have done before. If you do not have access to machinery or prefer not to change anything, you can file a metal spacer to fit in the front side of the front slot between the slot end and the bolt. You then put a washer over the top to prevent it falling out. As Erik says, there are other methods.
The most important thing is to realise the problem exists and do whatever you can to keep the outrigger in position. The photo of the welded undertray clearly demonstrates the results. I have seen so many worn high gear bushes and cracked undertrays, I thought it was worth while trying to focuss attention on this problem. Kind Regards Roger