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Rod Norris

I did wonder when I read your article on the meeting you had whether it would raise a few eyebrows. Working in a committee environment is always slow & tedious and tends to wear out and frustrate the more enthusiastic and energetic members.
I for one welcomed the report but thought perhaps it should had a disclaimer. As minutes at a meeting are only accepted by the next meeting that’s quorate then a long time between meetings would mean no reports to the membership for quite some time.
You should not resign from the technical committee of the spares scheme. The committee would be reduced in quality and it would serve no visible objective.
The technicalities will have to be done by us here. You cannot expect the older members of the club who will have paid in for years and alot will have recieved little in return (or at least that will be a perception of some). They will not want to subsidise a system from which they will derive no benefit.
Some of us did suggest we would offer our services, free of charge, to reproduce technicalities. I think it needs someone of considerable experience to go through a copy of it and decide what should be printed, as I believe it incorporates some advice that has generally been accepted as incorrect. The remainder could be photocopied and a share sent to those who are willing to participate along with a copy of the disc containing the work already done. Several of us have offered our services before and it looks like we now have an extra person willing to devote some time to this project.
Now my wife’s condition has eased, I am willing to offer my help on this as I have a high quality scanner and can get stuff photocopied at work.