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Mike Fennell

What an attractive bike! Reminds me very much of the first Scott I ever saw, likewise a postwar Shipley, but with frame and forks also painted red. The vivid shade had yellow in it, so more like a pillar box – very striking. It was parked at Brooklands Technical College where we Vickers Armstrong apprentices attended for day-release courses – mid ’50s. The Principal of the college was on the warpath about motorcyclist apprentices riding too fast on the access road and one afternoon I witnessed an encounter with the Scott. Eric Skingley was the owner and as he emerged yowling from the carpark an irate Principal leapt out of the rhododren bushes with his right arm raised like a traffic duty copper shouting “Stop! – Stop!!”. I cycled slowly past this intriguing scene, all ears, and I heard a very conciliarity Skingley saying – “This bike sounds fast sir”. I think he just got away without being banned.

A couple of years later Eric Skingley was instrumental in my introduction to Scott ownership. I have not seen or heard of him since but I don’t think he was ever a Scott Club member.

I would be interested to know what lubrication system is used on
LHW 758 and what is the large bore copper pipe doing. emerging from the tank and apparently going nowhere