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Rod Norris

Hi Simon,
Glad to be of help. My knowledge of Scotts is limited, but not engines in general. Personally I would keep the inserts. If ever you strip a thread it would give you an extra option on how to repair and could be the reason the inserts were fitted in the first place. Others have done the same conversion and it has worked allowing you easier access to easily obtainable plugs.
The next thing to look at is the plug condition, if the colour is correct and the bike is running well, what’s the point of upsetting things. I’m not suggesting that new ideas should not be tried, and if we can make an improvement then why not. But removing an insert from an alloy head that has been in any time from an unknown quality of thread could leave you with a headache that you might regret.
As I say I am not an expert on Scotts but the above is just a personal view.