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Richard Moss

The second of three stories from the visit of Titch Allen , one of my dads racing memories (on a Triumph but against a Scott!)
I have heard this story many times and i like it for a number of reasons.
For one he gave me this ill tempered, but quite lovable machine years later, and one of my earliest photographs is upon it, and another is the phrase he has used in its telling since i first heard it.

so the Story is called Monkey on a Stick

now i have used a windows audio file for this so it will open in the media player( which i personally dont like so much) i can also use mp3 files or real player files(like the BBC website) or i can use the apple format which is like the first story. If anyone has any feedback , except that the quality of the first one is not so good because i am going to improve it very soon!, then please let me know