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Thanks to you guys, for your comments.My objective is not to aquire a Clubmans Special,but just maybe talk with the present owner about the bike I owned back in the sixties..121 AHX.I enjoyed it greatly and it was my only transport at the time.I managed to win a concours award with it at the SOC Stratford upon Avon Rally in 1962.Contrary to the opinions (initial)of deriding mates with four stroke twins, it really went .Its legendary weight did not seem apparent at the time.
However,I did place a “Machine Wanted” ad on the Forum directly I joined the SOC.I had one very odd response from a purported vendor,but he has evaporated. I do now have a prospect for a Special which is mostly Scott,so you never know. Anyway,thanks to all for your remarks.

Brian (Douglas) Thorby