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Roger Moss

Hi Shaun Holders had a few tanks, not all pristine but mostly sound. Spares are now starting to be available directly from Holders and are handled by Matt Holder’s grandson also named Matt. They trade as Velocette Motorcycles
Contact details
Matt Holder
The Velocette Motorcycle Company
Meriden Works
Birmingham Road
Coventry CV5 9AZ

Tel (0)1676 522 066
email velocette.motorcycle@virgin.net

Best of luck, let us know how you get on.
Remember that Scotts modified the frame in either 1933 or 34 to allow for smaller wheel sizes and so the mounting distances betwwen the bolt holes on the tank main spine tube are slightly different.
If you quote the centre distance of these holes on your tank, they might have one to fit, otherwise I have seen them slotted out to fit.
As Matt might not be very familiar with the Scott models, If you contact by email, I usually send a pic of what I need to help him identify what I want.
kind Regards