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Dean Brown

By the sound of it I would of had a lovely days racing to watch on Saturday. Instead, once I’d re-fitted the carb to my ’49er I spent the day trying everything that I knew, or thought I knew, in order to get it to run and worrying about where all the smoke was coming from. The bike is temporarily running without a choke and yet behaving as if the choke was fully on. Anyway, come bed time and I decided to stick my finger in the carb, just to see. How I wish I’d done that a few hours earlier. Numb nuts here had put the slide in back to front, first doh.
A very wet ride today was livened up by an engine seize half a mile from Cadwell. I had a little bottle of two stroke oil laying unused in my pocket. I’d intended to fill up with petrol en route and add the oil to the petrol then. But instead I emptied the petrol out of the Norton into the Scott before I left and forgot all about the little bottle of oil still sitting in my pocket. Second, doh.
Engine cooled and oil added to fuel equated to no further problems with the bike and a very wet and uneventful ride home was “enjoyed”.
Racing was delayed due to a lap long oil leek, but once underway was well worth the effort. The Moss Scotts performing faultlessly and speedily on a treacherous circuit.
Nice to bump into Ted, Roger and Richard and sorry to have not made it for Saturdays racing.
See you next time, Dean