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Roger Moss

I am happy to give a talk almost anywhere as I try to spread the word about Scotts and Historic Racing. I can always hope that someone will bring their Scott out for a canter round at a race meeting. If anyone has a racer that has been “Retired”, why not find a keen young man to give it an airing.
I went to the Telford Off Road Show as I was asked to take the bike as part of the British Historic Racing display. While I was there, Stan Thomas and Earnie brought along their friend Tony Rutter to try my bike for size. I was very gratified when Tony said it was set up like a “Real Racer” and could he have a ride at 1000 bikes and if that went OK, then perhaps an outing at a race meeting. We are all focussed on keeping the Scott name in front of the public and I would expect that having Tony Rutter out on a Scott will create some good publicity. Grateful thanks to Stan and Earnie for their initiative. Now I must find time to fettle up the bike to be especially good.
As regards the talk, if anyone wants me to bring anything along specially, let me know, otherwise I will just bring a few main engine components and the slide show. I hope to see a few of you there to help convert the infidels