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Roger Moss

Neil Levings got some copied and I suggested to Gill swan that she investigate getting some extra copies done for the spares scheme.
Phone or email Gill and ask.
I am at a Spares Scheme meeting this next Saturday and I want to bring up this subject. If the Spares Scheme does not want to be involved, then the next option would be to enquire if BMS wish to sell photocopies, as they already sell P copies of “The Book of the Scott”
As regards Tech on CD ROM.
We have thrashed this out at length before
Basically what we need is a quote for the complete scanning in a format that is searchable such as PDF (I am told)
Then a price per CD
Then I would submit to the senior members of the management comittee to ask if they would sanction the expenditure.
You must understand that the majority of our ageing membership and management, do not use computers and therefore their is a reluctance to spend money on something that can only be used by a minority.
However— With every year we now get younger members who are computer literate, so the ratio is shifting—
Best of luck with your build. Do take a look at the technical info on my website and post your problems here. The great thing about our club is that we do try to help each other!
Kind Regards