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Gill Swan

I am very sorry to hear from Roger that he has decided to resign from the Technical Panel although I can respect his reasons for making the decision. When I first asked for a Technical Panel to be formed I did not envisage a formal committee structure, rather an informal group of interested parties who would be able to offer sound technical advice on those matters that I was not competent to deal with. I have never professed to have any technical ability but I am doing what little I can to run the Spares Scheme as I see best with the limited resources available.

I have watched with interest the debate regarding the ‘Technicalities’ that has taken place on this message board. Personally I have yet to be convinced that the ‘Technicalities’, as it stands, is what is needed by new owners of Scotts. However, I would be more than happy to support the proposal to get the back issues of Yowl put onto CD in searchable PDF format. As you are aware Steve Bowles has already done this for the first ten years so it now needs someone to pick up the batten and take this task forward. It would then be possible to have the ‘Technicalities’ indexed within the magazines. I have looked at getting this done professionally but the cost is prohibitive. It was agreed at the meeting that, with Steve’s approval, copies of this CD as it stands could be made available for purchase through the Spares Scheme but first I have to sort out the Acrobat licence agreement.

When I asked Roger if it was possible to remove his Report of the meeting of the Technical Panel from the Message Board it was not because I was trying to stop him informing members of the progress that was made regarding technical information at the meeting. I just did not want this to be seen as the full report of what I considered to be a useful meeting where some progress was made in acknowledging that more information needed to be made available to members. To this end John Underhill has been good enough to supply me with copies of technical articles written by J.H. Kelly (Scott Motors Ltd) entitled ‘Special Hints on Scott Engines’ and ‘Scott Gearbox and Clutch’ together with copies of a couple of Service Sheets reprinted from 1954 issues of “Motor Cycling”. Copies of these will be available through the Spares Scheme shortly and I will also try to get them put onto CD rom.

A full report of the meeting of the Technical Panel will appear in Yowl.

Gill Swan