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Martin Heckscher

Since I have an original hard copy of Technicalities I’m not really in the market for the same again on CD. But I absolutely ackowledge that the information will be extremely useful to anyone new to Scotts.

However, the difficulty of scanning the photos in Technicalities has been raised. In fact most of these photos are of such poor quality that their relevance is doubtful. If decent reproduction of these piictures is the problem, then I simply wouldn’t bother with them. The usefulness of Technicalities does not lie with the photographs.

Of course Technicalities deals with technical articles as the title suggests. I seem to remember at least one posting suggesting that other topics would be interesting. Now, if the membership really wanted to go the whole hog, though it would be a massive undertaking, how about making all back issues of the Yowl available electronically? Properly indexed, that would be a massive source of reference. But in this event decent photographic reproduction would be a must as there are some wonderful old photographs in the old Yowls. The quality isn’t always there but it’s inevitably better than in Technicalities which, I think, was simply photocopied from the relevant Yowl.

Best wishes to all
Martin Heckscher