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Jon Hodges

I was amazed to read Roger Moss’s account of the conversation that he had with our Club Chairman and find it hard to believe that he should express such an ageist opinion about the Club membership. The Club is already benefiting from the use of current technology! The economic production and distribution of the Club Magazine just would not happen without the use of these new fangled computers. The Club membership numbers have risen recently which to a large extent is thanks to the Club Website, evident by the number of web application forms that came in when I was in the post of Membership Secretary. A good proportion of these were from overseas. As one who has endeavoured to drag the Club into the present times to accommodate our newer membership I am appalled if this is the view held by other senior Club officials. If our Chairman wishes to count himself amongst those Club members who wish to have no part in use of computer technology that is his choice but this should in no way influence the future of this Club. If this were the case the Club will surely die. This technology can be put to such good use for the benefit of those to come.

Other members are already giving of their time to open up the availability of Scott information to others. We have just lost one of these in Steve Bowles who has now unfortunutely turned his back on Scotts but has left a legacy of the first 10yrs of Yowl on disc. I would have liked to have carried on this project but have neither time nor expertise to do so. However I have not given up hope that the project, as Steve and I envisaged, it will be completed one way or another. I have just found someone prepared to scan the rest of the Yowls ( approaching 4000 pages) for around £350 including some software to enable us to index it how and when we like. Its early days yet but hopefully it will happen. In addition we already have permission from George Stevens to put works such as his four part “Made to Limit Gauge” and Phil Smith’s “The Greatest of all Trials” on CD rom which are no longer readily available. Many thanks to Keith Parker for his efforts in scanning the “Book of the Scott” and passing it on to Paul Wilson. Hope there are no problems getting it put on the site. I know Gill was hoping to get the Illustrated Parts Lists on to the new Spares site eventually and hopefully incorporate the numbering system where possible. Time is the main enemy in all of this so if anyone would like to get involved please step forward. Things are happening whether the the powers that be like it or not!

Jon Hodges