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Dave Clark

This is the firt time that I have sent any sort of comment on the club site!. I came to own a (Birmingham) Scott later in Life (57) but still embrace modern technology. One of my major irritations is that I find there is NO reference to any information on the dasics i.e. timing,points gap,type of spark plugs and even tyre pressures.
I think that putting Technicalities on a format that could be used on computer would be a great help to all NEW Sctt owners. I say new as am sure that most of the information will have been gained from the longer owners of this unique mark of machine.
I also agree with the idea that the Club could make a charge per copy to help towards, if not fully fund the project. Hard copier could also be made available, again with a charge.
Finaly I would like to thank all members who take time to post items both on this site and in Yowl