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Colin West


Picking up on Brain Marshall’s point of having Technicalities on DVD for use on a domestic DVD player I think that it is virtually impossible and impractical to have the documents prepared for use on both a PC and a DVD player.

I would add to this that most times I view an electronic document for a bike I print off the page(s) and take them to the machine. Not easily possible with a domestic DVD player. If Technicalites were to be electronic they will virtually have to be in adobe pdf format (for pc) and therefore readable using the free to download adobe acrobat reader

To back pedal a little, with 700 members, and only 70 registered on the website, is there a demand for electronic technicalities? (I would like a set, but I am a new and novice member with access to PCs in the home and office and not representative of the whole membership)

If the cost is high and the demand is low then it is not the best use of our funds and we could stick to good old paper.

IF there were technicalities on electronic media, could this be sold to members at a reasonable cost and used to encourage non-members to join. Selling club items to non-members is illogical and does nothing to continue the clubs existence. In fact allowing non-members access to the forum is questionable for the same reasons.