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Colin West

I think that having technicalities as a pdf (Adobe portable document format) file on cd is a good move, as, for those without a pc it could easily be printed…… but, may I add something quite important to the equation.

To keep away from technobabble, if you simply take the paper based document and scan the pages as they are into new electronic document, then you are simply creating an electronic photocpy.

If one was to scan and optically recognise the characters and then create a new text document, re incorporate the scanned images into that text documents, and then distill it as a pdf document you would have the search facilities built into Adobe Acrobat. For example you could search on the word ‘pilgrim’ and then be taken to all mentions of that word until you found one that gve you the info you required – really handy eh!

I frequently scan into a pdf manuals so that I can preserve the originals – For the sake of speed and simplicity I usually scan as a graphical image and thefore the new document is not searchable, it is useful none the less.

This however is a large task as it basically means re creating technicaliteis as a singe new document.

So, if it worth doing it is worth doing properly, perhaps funded by a single surcharge on next years subscripton as an extraordinary cost.