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Roger Moss

Dear Al, John and Shaun
Many thanks for your congrats
John’s comments are very interesting. If I could afford it, I would just continue with a development programme. Unfortunately, earning a living is an impediment! I have six head castings here John, so if you ever decide you want one machined in a certain way, let me know.
Very interesting info!
However–for sheer laughter–
I just loved Shaun’s bit about being timed by West Mercia police!
Nearly fell off my chair!
Ok– I have worked late for about 3 weeks and Marina thinks I have left town, so, its her treat today!
Off to Ironbridge and Blists Hill on the VFR
Show her all the old display cottages and how people used to live in the old days.
She will understand it—
It is very similar to how we live now!!!!!
Kind Regards to all.