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Roger Moss

Hi Bob I do not wish to be biased either for against any person or faction. Personally, I find that the safest thing is just to adopt a strictly logical approach.
Some time ago, a detractor of yours put information on the website that some matters involving you, were being investigated by the police and this person urged Scott owners with any pertinent knowledge to contact DC Young at Downham Market police station.
As one of the only logical reasons for “advising” you to stay away from the Stamford Hall rally, could have been a doubt regarding the title and rights to sell these spares, I contacted DC Young before replying to your message.
DC Young told me that the investigations that were currently nearing their conclusion, did not involve Scott spares and to his knowledge, there was no reason to inhibit their sale. He went on to say that he had received many phone calls from SOC members, but would respectfully remind people that in this country “a person is considered innocent, until proven guilty” I think that this observation has some relevance in this club.
I do not wish to incurr the displeasure of our senior members of management, who, possibly by this time in their lives, did not need any spares, but I will respectfully enquire of the, to me, obscure logic that underpinned the “Advice” you received.
Kind Regards Roger