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Roger Moss

I was an uninvolved member of the SOC for years, as I am in at least six other clubs and societies. I had no restrictions on my actions and comments. I raced my bike and helped others along the way as far as I was able. If you look at the Bevelheaven website, you will see a group of like minded folks exchanging experiences and info. No formal structure. Immediate and interactive. Just people to people with nothing in between. My idea of the perfect group!
As regards Technicalities. A person is needed with enough comittment to lead a group to bring it to fruition. I am not that man! The business of serving Scott owners is barely viable compared with my previous aerospace work but I am resolved to continue with it, at least in the short term, as I enjoy meeting and helping owners. I must, however, not forget that my first duty in using my time is to pay my bills.
So who will take up the challenge?
Best Wishes and Kindest Regards