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The model name was first used in late 1925 and was given to a sportier version of the 2-speed and 3-speed Super Squirrel for the 1926 model range. They were available with three different shapes of “long” tank and the usual “biscuit barrel” type Super Squirrel tank. They were specially tuned, with a larger than standard exhaust port, and advertised as having a 85mph top speed!! With very little in the way of brakes it is little wonder that few genuine ones survive…..
They were only listed for the 1926 ‘season’ and then the Flying Squirrel model name was given to the much heavier duplex-framed, three-speed model that appeared late in 1926 ready for the 1927 ‘season’.These were based on the 1927 TT and MGP works machines.
I hope this answers your query.
Regards. Brian Marshall