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Roger Moss

One finger LH typing report on Lydden races
Sat getting gearing sorted and me getting attuned after 3 years not racing
gearing changed finally to 17 / 35 with 22t f/w sprocket. it was going very
I decided to have a real go Sunday as I felt I was carrying the flag for
I came up behind what I think was a Norton 750 Atlas as we were running with
up to 1972 specials
the rider wobbled on erratic and obstructive lines round corners then gave
it full bore on the straights
I could gain slightly on straights but not enough to get by
up the hill to top hairpin I gained on him and saw there was about 5 foot on
the LH
he was in the habit of going from near LH of track to clip inner apex then
to outer side of track
this meant if you went up RH of him but did not get fully past, he would
take your front wheel out
I chose to brake late up LH and go fast round the outside of corner and hope
to make exit first
as I went alongside, he veered left and we tangled bars.
I was still on but on grass and quickly heading for a wall of tyres
I put bike down, but did no have chance to throw myself underneath it to
save damage to the bike
dented tank, broken footrest
I landed on rh shoulder, broke collar bone and shoulder blade
shoulder pushed down 1.5 inches and floating
I got lectured by doctors — you are 65 year old diabetic
you have prolapsed discs in spine
you have arthritic shoulder
you have no spleen
you have previously broken ribs and hand
do you not think it is time to quit
I said that there was one thing I had not broken
what is that
my spirit

biggest problem now will be to calm marina before next races.
I will be strapped up for 6 weeks, so hope to ride at Beezumph Sept 9
To customers, please excuse some delays
kind regards