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Roger Moss

Yes you are correct. In order to get an efficient OCR you need both a good copy and a very good scanner working at high resolution. This then means the process is lengthy. It is not a case of if the job can be acheived, but how long it will take and how much it would cost!
I think it is far beyond what a generous spirited person can do, and so have looked to get a fair commercial quote. The senior members of the club management comittee are unwilling to fund such a project unless it is done for peanuts, so at the moment we have an impasse.
I have tried to find other ways to fill the gap in the short term and suggest you read the new posting “Report on Spares Scheme meeting”
If you wish to comment under that posting, please do so.
I think local members should remember that it is their club and if they wish things to be different, they must made their voice heard at the next AGM.
Kind Regards