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Roger Moss

I was fortunate to buy in 1967, a 28 TT Replica that had been left for repair with A E Reynolds at Liverpool in 1941. The owner never returned and fable has it that he perished on the Murmansk convoys. The bike had therefore been carefully stored 26 years and the barrel looked original, as did the rest of the bike. The point is that the colour produced by the translucent lacquer is as near as my memory serves to that colour if about 3 coats are applied over a surface that equates to polished iron. I did not notice evidence of pre plating, but I will have a hunt around and see if I still have it. As a “New Boy” I took tuning advice from a reputable person, but the proceedure certainly did not work for me (perhaps I misunderstood) so as the block was ruined, I put it on one side. I will report back on this. Another point, I have a small (unopened) tin of Tom Ward’s cylinder emamel, which was again a translucent lacquer. On the lid it has a dab of the paint on the tin coated steel of the tin and it looks identical. Perhaps as Tom worked with Alfred before WW1, he got to know who supplied the Scott works with the barrel paint. Kindest Regards Roger