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Roger Moss

Just a few words to say That this bike was owned by Sid Marriott of Asfordby Leicestershire from 1945 to about 1960, when I bought it.
It is a genuine TT rep and I could compare it with my other Rep UE 7373. The frame and engine numbers match and it was made within a week of UE. Sid broke a crank in 1956 (Suprise suprise!) and it did not run after that. I gave it to my son Richard when I was divorced, as the values put on my bikes by the lawyers were going to leave me short of cash in the settlement. Richard did little to it, as he was busy living life to the full and sold it to Steve when he was strapped for cash. So there you have it. A genuine and original bike that needs finishing properly.

Steve, sorry you are having to sell it, but I send my best wishes.
Could I suggest that you drop a brief line to
Mark Ordish
Old Dairy Cottage
Charlton Marshall
Dorset DT11 9NF

He wrote to me and said he was looking out for a good Scott.
Unfortunately, he did not give me a phone number and he is not on the internet. In this day and age, to have no phone or email details is like trying to converse with someone in the wilds of the Gobi Desert.

Kind Regards

PS Note for eventual owner, I might have odd bits of history data on this bike around if required