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Hi Lewis . I have 1929 and 1930 catalogues, and there is no sign of anything but BLACK with white lining for 1929, but for 1930, available from late 1929, there is an option of CERISE tank and mudguards, which is a nice cherry red colour. Nobody in recent years seems to have restored to that option, which is a pity, but no doubt many unbelievers would throw up their arms in horror at such a sight!!! It was the same colour as Dirt-track and some Sprint Special models. I am also part colour blind [green blind] and the R.A.F. doctors classed me as medical Grade CP3 [colour perception grade 3], and would not consider me for aircrew, or even let me drive a motor vehicle on an active airfield, which I thought was a bit OTT! As a consequence of all that I ended up in the R.A.F. Regiment, which was probably more exciting anyway. Firing twin-barrel Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns is VERY exciting, but I was always tempted to pinch the lovely Pegusa motorcycle saddles that they were fitted with or the yards and yards of Reynold chain that drove the loading mechanism. Regards. Brian.