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Roger Moss

Years ago Richard proposed something like this.
To do the job properly takes a lot of time and unlike an engine build for a Triumph, a video on the Scott would have very much fewer potential sales to offset the time loss.
To strip an engine is not such a long job if you have all the tools to hand.
Likewise rebuilding is not really a long job.
The time is taken producing all the components accurately and doing several trial sub assemblies and measurements.
As Editor Eddie Shermer found recently when I asked if he would help with a standard spec assembly after I had done rods etc.
OK Eddie, now you need some rollers, but not straight out of the packet.
Check them on my electronic comparitor and make up a set within close size to each other. The results are quite dramatic and demonstrate why it takes time to build a good engine if you are fussy about quality.
I just thought that if anyone wanted to see how to strip an engine and have a running commentary on what to watch out for and thus hints on rebuilding, this might be appreciated. Hence if anyone wanted to take pics or home video, be my guest, but it can not be like a real film where each section has a storyboard and planned. This would be very much “On the hoof” Roger