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al perry

hi roger;
while not an expert on webb forks, I did rework the ones on my 29 flyer, basicly there is not alot to it, the blades must be straight, you can make a jig to do this, or send it to a specitaly firm, but if its bent you can probably see it , I aquired a new spring from ken lack, as well as new spindals and nuts, holes in the fork can be re-bushed if necessary, this is a straight forward job for anyone with a lathe, ( i have seen forks that already have bronze bushes, and ones with no bushes just steel on steel) in the worst
senario, the spindal holes can be re bored and new larger dia. spindals made, the spindals are a pain to make due to the R/H and L/h threads!
my fork was also missing links, and neck stem, which I was lucky to aquire
from a friend over here in the usa, if your stem is damaged, Id recomend
a specialty firm to fit a new one such as percival bros, and webb, or ken lack, or probably roger moss as well!