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Roger Moss

Congratulations on getting the bike going.
You will be very welcome on your G80 at the Gathering.
The G80 is a great bike!
There are lots of great bikes in the world,
But the Scott is a bit special!
To be honest, we are motorcyclists first and foremost who love interesting bikes, especially Scotts.
Many Scott owners have other bikes too.
Horses for Courses!
I am sure that you would wonder what sort of club you had joined if you were shunned for coming on a Matchless.
At least you would have made the effort to go!
I am sorry that I will not have the pleasure of meeting you.
Another time maybe.
It is the last race meeting of the season for the Scott racer at Cadwell Sat Sept 3 and Sun Sept 4th and we can not miss that.
If you feel like dropping in at Cadwell on Sat 3ed, you would be very welcome!
I have decided to strip out the clutch and rebuild it as it is getting sticky and heavy. While I am at it, I will fit a new mag drive belt, as its been on almost 30 years and a new mag chain that must be getting tired after ten years, but then I arrange a drip feed lube to it.
Kind Regards