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Roger Moss

Hi Bob
The objective of the Scott Owners Club, is, or certainly should be, to try and provide to the membership, the widest access to spares and info possible. If you had Scott spares that could have filled a need by our members, then my belief, unless there was a very logical argument to the contrary. is that you should have been at the Rally with your spares.
I am also a little mystified by your vague statement, that you were “advised” that you would not have permission to attend. As I understand matters, the SOC pays for permission to use the park, but does not have any rights to refuse admittance to anybody. Only the owners of Stamford Hall have that right. Following my election to become “Press Officer” of the SOC, I am a member of the management committee. I have received no communication regarding this matter, in truth of fact, I have received no communication of any kind from other Management committee members, since I was appointed to office. I can only surmise that it is considered that there are no matters of importance to discuss. I do realise that in a club which is dedicated to a highly individual marque, it is a natural consequence that we will number amongst our membership, a significant proportion of highly “individual” people. It naturally follows that some lack of understanding and cohesion will be experienced. We can only hope that enough “Live and let live” spirit will prevail over simmering passions.
So Bob, I ask if you will contact me personally and tell me the facts of the matter, so I might respectfully enquire further as to what exactly prevented our members having the opportunity to consider taking advantage of what you had to offer. After all, they were not being obliged to buy anything, they are all people who are quite capable to make that judgement. You infer that they were prevented from being able to exercise that judgement. This, on the face of it, seems inappropriate.
Kind Regards Roger Moss