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Roger Moss

I have two responsibilities.
I am publicity officer of the SOC
I am a moderator of this message board to assist Paul Wilson
We have, in the past, made entreaties to all to respect the normally accepted codes of human decency and respect for others.
We went through some difficult times and we thought that finally things had got better.
In this case I decided that enough was enough and that the required action was not only to quietly delete the offensive material, but to name and shame the perpetrators, especially as their actions bring shame on the majority.
I will continue to do it unless / until I am ordered to do otherwise by a majority vote of our management committee.
I understand a little of your most robust character and do not expect you to be worried or concerned by this one jot.
All reasonable inputs are most welcome from all.
I respectfully ask that you remember your legal training and couch your postings in language that shows respect for others and the good name of the SOC.
Kind Regards
Roger Moss