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Stan Thomas

Hi Technocrats

You’ve all mis understood me – so I will say this only once (or perhaps twice for Dave Bushell’s benefit).

Because there is insufficient material in a Scott crank, it is impossible to balance the reciprocationg portion of the con-rod and piston assembly etc.

Instead, the lesser expedient is used of swamping the out-of-balance forces with a fairly massive flywheel. With me so far?????

Well, I know experiments have been done to remove two areas of metal from the side of the flywheel rim to purposely cause an out of balance effect or a “wobble” – the intention being that this induced wobbly counterbalances the forces created by the unbalanced cranks
(“unbalaced cranks” not being a reference to the recent A.G.M.)

Now are you with me?

Does anyone have info, calculations or procedure etc. of how flywheels can be so doctered?

Regards to all,