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Stan Thomas


Youv’e got me all wrong!

It is a little known fact that there is insufficent material on a Scott crank cheek to balance the reciprocating mass of the upper part of the rod and piston.

Instead, we have to rely upon the out of balance forces being absorbed by a masive flywheel (and bolting the crancase solidly to the frame – but lets not go down that road).

Any road up, it is possible to part-drill holes on the side perimiter of the flywheel, with corresponding part-holes diametrically opposite 180 degrees apart.

The effect is to purposely set up an out-of-balace of the flywheel to cause it to wobble – the trick being that the “wobbly” cancels out the wobbly caused by the unbalanced cranks – resulting in a smoother engine.

Get it???



Glad to see Dave Bushell has learned to read.