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Roger Moss

When Eddie Shermer told me about his idea for the Abbotsholme event, I thought what a positive idea this was. I have a Douglas that I use on the road, as old back injuries make riding a rigid bike impossible. I thought of the events the Douglas club had arranged to commemorate their centenary with appreciation, well knowing the work involved behind the scenes. Eddie has one aim in view, and that is to help all who are able to participate, to enjoy an event worthy of the occasion. In such circumstances, what should our first thought be? I suggest the thought “How can I help”? I would feel very uncomfortable if this initiative was greeted with indifference. I phoned Eddie and asked if there was anything I could do to help and suggested one idea that I had learned from my long membership of the “Trevithick Society” That was to have a “Brains Trust”, being a panel of knowledgeable people, who will answer questions from those attending the Saturday evening meal after the meal while still seated with coffee etc. It went very well when the Trevithick Society did it, as the panel had both interesting answers, and relevant entertaining anecdotes in keeping with the spirit of warm fellowship that should pervade our club. This is one modest idea, but what else? I asked Titch Allen who agreed to come earlier on Saturday, before the meal, as he feels that with his increasing infirmity, he must get home on Saturday evening and so can not stay for the meal. Titch is living history on legs (albeit shake ones) His generosity of spirit must be a lesson to us all. The real reason for all this rambling text, is to suggest, with greatest respect, that if anyone has an idea of any display, feature, workshop etc that might be an interest to a reasonable cross section of members, why not pass your ideas to Eddie. Further, if anyone now finds that it would be possible to attend, whereas it had not been possible before, please reconsider joining in. You will have a long time to regret to the next centenary if you miss it. Please accept that I personally have no connection with this initiative, other than the interest of a long time club member and if my passion to improve our club has caused offence to anyone over the years, please accept that there has never been any malice intended. Kindest Regards