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    Thanks Again Geoff,


    I really appreciate hearing from your experiences.

    I had to clean out the coolant gunk anyways, so I ran boiling water through while in a bucket, which also heated everything up quite a bit.  I did not try a quench after but did try getting more penetrating oil in while hot and cold.  No dice.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Its going to a machine shop this month if all goes well, so I’m going to gift them the enjoyment of freeing the head of no less than 16 bolts, lol.  They are an expert shop, but have never dealt with a Scott before- by any chance do you know the full length of the studs?</p>



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    Good news,

    I have managed to free the stuck piston and remove the block/head.

    On that note, my next challenge has begun: removing the head studs, which are well stuck.

    Thanks Geoff!



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    Hi Geoff,
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks very much for your reply.  Your advice is timely and helpful.  Also in line with general online research and what I did instinctively.   I ended up giving the Marvel Mystery Oil a try since nobody alerted me to any Scott specific concerns with this product.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>It appears someone had the good sense to abandon the bike with the pistons at about mid-stroke.  I confirmed in advance via the transfer port that the pistons were higher- after work will look again in regards to exhaust ports (I think they are in line).  Today, the left cylinder still had the regular two stroke oil I put in a few days ago, so it’s sealing all ports.  The right drained- will pull off the exhaust tomorrow to see if it’s heading out that way, or if RH side is just luckily not stuck.</p>
    Im definitely patient, willing to wait two weeks.  More if there was cause to think something will change.  Hopefully Marvel Oil + rocking + reasonable Kickstarter force will do the trick.

    Thanks for the recommendation not to lift the head off, will heed your advice.

    Book of Scott recommends slackening the engine bolts half way, then striking the bolts with a hammer.  Any thoughts if it comes to that?


    Thanks again!


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    Hi Mr Elgar,

    Sorry to hear about your dad.

    I am fairly new, so not the best to ask, but I would recommend two sources of info (1) The Book of Scott; and (2) Scott technicalities.  These often have reference number tables, drawings and so forth.

    Perhaps your father had some reference materials similar to the above, perhaps these exact materials.

    Also just looking at the part, you can sometimes find the model numbers stamped on them which along with Google can help.

    You might also have interest to watch videos on YouTube by searching “Scott parts.”

    Hope this helps.


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    Just adding to my inquiry… Internet seems to like “marvel mystery oil” to free up a seized engine.  Bit then none of those folks are using that on a pre-war two-stroke… Anyone have thoughts on adding marvel mystery oil to the cylinders and letting that sit for several days to a week before trying again to get the engine to turn?


    Thanks in advance!


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