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    For information
    I have contacted LA Sleeve here in California and the response I received is promising. I sent pictures and dimensions. From here I am waiting for their machinist to contact me back for a yay/nay

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    Copy that Phil
    Sorry I mis understood
    I took the pictures on the “free” phone I get here at Metro PCS that has a 5 megapixel camera with lots of scratches on the lense.. our budget phone service in the states.
    From there my phone automatically uploads them to my google photos account in the free format meaning the already poor quality photo is further made worse
    I log on to my imgur account and upload the photos
    Then I used the “huge thumbnail” html copy/paste option and insert the link directly into the text field and blamo! Pictures posted

    The attachment method specific to the forum software is common to most forums and not fantastic. I try to avoid using them if at all possible.

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    Thanks Dave. I appreciate the advice

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    Hi Phil
    I don’t quite understand what you said. There was a complaint?
    Did you mean to ask me what motorcycle these came from?

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    Facebook is not a good place for a forum to move too. A forum is much better for searching past information

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    …No numbers!

    I see the filler caps in the early machines, but I have not seen the small speedway type. Maybe this is a speedway frame? It is definitely a Bitsa bike. The Front brake looks like a ’22 and later piece and the rear wheel seems to be for some of the earlier machines with a brake on the right side and sprocket on left.
    I see pictures of the parts in the books I have been reading in the past weeks.
    – The radiator as you say is later model yet with dual upper tank flanges
    – The engine is 1914-15
    – Bosch magneto
    – Amal brass carburetor
    – Dual exhaust pipes on either side AND an outlet in the center for exhaust on the engine barrel
    – Seat springs mounted on cross-bar welded to frame like the later motorcycles without oil in frame
    – fuel tank? Maybe ’15 but does not fit the frame (too tall)
    – Small oil filler cap in place of sidecar lug – aprox 1″ in diameter
    – Scott front forks with guides (as far as I can tell)
    – Front fender is in between the early thin type and I think 22 and later valanced type. It has provisions for the fork
    – Front fork has lug for front brake arm

    Are there any distinguishing features I should be looking for on this frame?

    I acquired this bike with a heavily modified ’30 Rep and found through the seller these bikes were raced by the previous, previous owner. I assum this bike has been built up from war time pieces or maybe was new only to have all of its bits swapped for the more favorable (in owners opinion) parts for racing.
    It looks like the project stalled when the 3 speed transmission was installed.

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    I might be interested. I am not interested in the battery as I have a shop here and shipping a battery is murder.
    Would you be interested in shipping to the US?

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    If any of you ever make it over here you’ll have to stop in! Great people, great bikes!

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    I recently read that the early racers are twin plug heads. Was this an option or upgrade to this 1915 machine?

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    Wow Lewis!
    A plethora of information!
    I look forward to having this unit in my stable of derelicts.

    I have heard this term again “Veteran”
    Does this refer to the first generation machines or model type?

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    @scott596 wrote:

    I thought that I had seen most modifications ever fitted to Scotts, but those transfer port covers and their fixing screws are most unusual, surely the upper bolts are just tapped into the waterjacket, and the lower ones with penny washers into the crankcase just a bodge, is this some sort of one piece casting that includes the inlet manifold for the TT carb? or has the back of the crankcase with the tapping for the transfer port covers been broken away? anyway best of luck with the rebuild. Alan Noakes.

    Looks clean with no breaks….threads are directly into the case and cylinder, but the cylinder looks like it has a boss for the bolt.
    There are “L” and “R” stampings respectively
    There is an adapter for the TT carb too. Is that normal?

    Is there radiators available?

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    I’m interested in the lot if it’s still available

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    I excited to see that you may think it is a performance model as I had hoped
    – I am prepared for disappointment and it is not really a big deal, but my goal was to get a TT Replica or Power Plus twin down-tube bike

    I appreciate the insight, but I am well aware that this bike will likely never be showroom stock. I am an avid motorcycle “refurbish-er” which is an easy way of saying I get the bike back to pretty retaining some patia and getting it close to correct as possible with era substitutes or upgrades. I have the BTH that I believe works on this bike, but the ignition system looks like a conversion kit or maybe completely home-made! I wasn’t sure if you gents have seen this before

    About the Yowl..
    – I assume I can get a Subscription here in the States? I have inquired and am waiting for a response

    – I looked in the Scott technicalities documents and I can find it’s place in manufacturing time frame as March of 1930 but the frame number is not listed. I am hoping one of you gentleman can help me secure that this frame and engine do go together. I assume this bike has a very interesting history. Bill the seller has owned the machine since the late sixties and sent me pictures of the bike in it’s current trim but nice and shiny from aprox 1963. He thought the bike had seen war duty because the condition of the blacked out taillight

    You are correct there is an “M” after the numbers. Is that a standard stamping?

    You guys are great! Keep the info coming and ask as many questions as you can!

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    Too late?

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    I do have a few questions of course if you can help…

    Is the radiator correctly mounted?
    I assume this machine would have had inverted levers correct?
    Is the generator location correct behind the right side foot peg?
    Was there ever a battery ign scott?
    Where can I find the transmission number?

    Thank you all so very much!!

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