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  • in reply to: Scott parts on ebay – Head, Radiator & Fuel Tank #10166
    Steve Gibbon

    The petrol tank went for £110.02 on July29.
    The radiator went for £15.99 also on July29.
    The head went for £12.96 also on July 29 – I was watching this one, but missed the end of the auction (as it finsihed while I was at work).
    regards Steve Gibbon

    in reply to: So! Has the AGM decided to close the open Forum? Yes or No! #9906
    Steve Gibbon

    Hi Martin,
    I did not intend to imply that “the committee was ridiculously out of touch with the membership and the modern world”, those words were certainly not mine. No insult was intended, so I apologize if my post could be read as such. I appreciate that the committee is giving up their time to run the club and that it is a job that for one reason or another, many of the membership would not want to do.
    My post was intended to be a constructive observation.
    I fully agree with you that the groundswell of membership opinion expressed at section meetings does not necessarily tally with the opinions aired on the forum.
    However, I would point out that the same could be said for opinions expressed at section meetings and even the AGM. It has been pointed out elsewhere in the forum that attendance at section meetings and the AGM is fairly low, so opinions expressed at these meetings do not necessarily reflect the views of the membership as a whole. I venture to say that people who attend section meetings and certainly the AGM are a “vocal minority”.
    The only way to get the views of the entire membership is to hold a ballot. Even then, many will not use their vote, but in not voting, they will have expressed a view (i.e don’t care).

    I will leave it to our section secretary to feed back the views of the South London Section, but my take from last week’s meeting was that no member expressed any support for the committee’s action with respect to the forum, while the majority expressed views against.


    in reply to: So! Has the AGM decided to close the open Forum? Yes or No! #9901
    Steve Gibbon

    I would just like to respond to Brian Marshall’s post of Wed Apr 18.
    I do not see much evidence of indifference pervading the club. I am a relatively new member of the club and have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and comradeship of the club and in particular the South London section. I have been given much advice and encouragement firstly to buy a Scott and then to get it back on the road, the help extending to offers of a loan of a carburetor and a magneto from people I hardly knew, plus visits to my garage to help diagnose problems.

    As a younger member (54!) I think the club should recognize that its future lay with the internet. The time may come when the club will not be able to afford to publish the yowl in paper form – yet it will be free to publish via the web. I would be happy to receive an electronic version of Yowl (but recognize for the moment there will be many club members without access to the internet – but this will change as time moves on).
    In the modern world the internet, websites and emails are essential tools for business and communication. Potential new (younger) members first port of call will be Google or equivalent search engine, so an engaging, informative and open website will be essential to attracting new members. With respect to the Forum, personally I was quite happy with the set up as it was – with a private area for members only/club business.
    I also think the members only area of the website should be developed to include more reference material – only available to members. This + the Yowl + the spares scheme + club meetings & events are carrots to membership. Restricting the forum will only make the club seem backward looking and old fashioned – I do not think this is the way to attract new members (and judging by some member comments, this may lead to fragmentation and loss of members). I think that a breakaway independent forum is the last thing the club needs – so we should be careful not to ‘force’ the creation of one.

    From the recent traffic on the forum it is also clear that there is much feeling in the club over this issue. The committee should be embracing the forum – it offers a quick and inexpensive method of two way communication with the membership (or at least those with internet), so members do not have to wait until the annual AGM to “air their grievances” (assuming they can spare the time or money to attend). Based on the level of feeling about this issue, it would seem reasonable for the committee to consult the membership regarding the forum access issue.

    in reply to: Made in India #9627
    Steve Gibbon

    Gents, I posted the reply regarding the prop stand. It was a bit of a punt, I half expected not to ever get anything delivered – but it did and for the price it is not at all bad. I noticed that they could supply complete wheel and hub assemblies at very reasonable prices.
    I used “ClassicEnfield” who’s ebay shop is called EnfieldCounty.
    Steve G

    in reply to: prop (side) stand for flyer frame #9609
    Steve Gibbon

    Coincidently, I have just today recieved in the post a side stand intended for a Royal Enfield I purchased new from India via ebay (ordered before Christmas).

    cost £12.99 +£9.99 postage. I bought it taking the chance it could be modified to fit my 1929 Flying Squirrel.
    In fact I did wonder whether if it would ever arrive. Luckily it did! Not bad quality.
    It looks as though with a bit of hacksawing and filing it can be made to fit the spare holes in the lower frame rail at the front of the engine.
    Unfortunately at the speed I work at, it will be a few weeks before I can confirm it will work.
    I can email photos if you are interested (can’t figure out how to upload photos on this site). Steve

    in reply to: 1929 Scott 3 speed #9160
    Steve Gibbon

    Richard and James,
    thank you for taking time to answer my post. I am going to view the bike next week.
    Its at Cotswold Classics ( ) .
    What do you think ? Looks well used, but hey she’s over 80 years old!
    Its also a bit more expensive than I would like – but prices seem to be quite strong these days.
    I have been chasing a late 20’s/ 30’s machine for a while – but the good ones always seem to be gone by the time I see the advert.

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