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Richard Moss

Hmm $20000 tonight.

It is interesting what the romance of an interesting past brings to the financial value of a machine. or anything in fact. I guess once you get into this kind of figure its not about the bike as a rideable machine as much as it is about having something you can tell the story about. In fact i find this fascinating as whether it is or isnt what it is described to be really at this point is almost irrelevent, it is what the overidding consensus proclaims it to be that is important, or even just the constant repetition of the existance of the possibility

… weapons of mass destruction .. anybody.

It just depends how many people you can get to tell the same story.
According to the records of the club registrar, John Underhill, the Frame of this machine was registered to a Standard Flyer with Engine no DPY 4083 in April 1935. The No plate was BND 390. Later the engine became DPY 4446 and i think it is at this point that the machine enters the States.
Also , I am told by John, who is as near to a walking encyclopedia of Scotts as is possible, that there were no Scotts entered in the 1936 TT. There was one in 1935 and one in 1937. He also says that there were no Supercharged Scotts ever ridden in a TT, although there was at least one made, but not by the Factory .

This is an interesting Bike without a doubt, and the owner has put countless hours into its creation. Anybody who buys it at this price is not taking food out of their childrens mouths…So Does the absolute clarity of its untainted history make that much difference, and then where do you draw the line?

It certainly gives those of us with the luxury of the kinds of lives necessary to sustain these interests,
something to talk about.