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Stuart Woods

Dear All

Many thanks for all the help and advice, it is greatly appreciated. Phil I will probable look out for an original Smiths Speedometer, I Purchased a brand new out of the box NOS speedo for my BSA WM20 from a gentleman in Iraq whom has 86 for sale, he found the building the British stored all their bike spares in during WW2 as has a gold mine of engines still crated and enough parts to build many WW2 bikes from scratch.

Ian, sorry to bother you but do you know how I can get in touch with the VMCC for additional information? I was not expecting a complete matching bike given the age and my past experience with my last restoration, as long as I can get some sort of guideline from the frame number I with have a more fluid path to follow with regards to final look.

I have just ordered 6 degree cutter so I can start work making a flange tool, I can then flange the ends on 1200 3 inch long pieces of brass tube ready in the attempt to manufacture my onw radiator as the one supplied with the bike is long past its sell by date. I ned to do some tests first on dip soldering and testing a few different fluxes to see what will work the best.



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