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Communication is the key and information as to whether changes are to be made. When it might happen and if a return to the old format is even possible just is not forthcoming.. I have a feeling that it is a waiting game, hoping a new webmaster will put his or her head above the parapet and sort it out. I have suggested that we pay to have it re formatted so that the webmaster position could be open to a less computer literate person. Most of us only understand that coffee in the keyboard makes our computers difficult to use. There is a good facebook site which covers day to day requests for help and advice which people like me can ask simple questions and if appropriate help with our own non Scott information based on our ” other” experiences. Lack of use of this site by the senior club members signifies some serious discontent, and whilst various management positions are filled and no doubt cost them much time ( and I bet money) the club would be well advised to make getting this web site back to what it was , with its vast store of information, pictures, and day to day chat. Ted Parkin is correct in his observations. I will add Ted. Mr Bones is now on the road, extensively re engineered . Straightened frame , fork rebuild , wheel bearing brakes etc by my son. He claims 85 MPH at two thirds throttle with a bit of vibration still to resolve. Looks as it was . I would put a picture on if the site would let it.