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Lewis Onions

The attached contemporary road report might not be that instructive – it appears that the tester might have been persuaded in some way as his observations are at odds with all other comments I know of. This is for the 1929 model rather than the 1930 updated model. I have never seen an example of the latter and wonder whether any at all were produced prior to the Liquidation and rationalisation of the catalogue in 1931. There is an example in the National Motorcycle Museum, there used to be one in the M&C Collection of Historic Motorcycles at Bakewell and I have one which is incomplete, all 1929 models. I have a works picture of the 1930 model somewhere at home which I will post if I remember.

In my opinion there is likely to be no real difference between the single and a two-speeder when it comes to usability. Many of the parts of the 1929 model were left-overs from 2 speeders (forks,bars,front hub) and the rear hub is a heavy Webb hub as used on the Flying Squirrel Tourer. The frames are longer than a two-speeder and not necessarily lighter. The engine is rudimentary and has been likened to a saucepan in construction.

With two-speeders more readily available and unlikely to be much more expensive, if at all,I know which I would choose!

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