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Ian Parsons

Dismantling the forks is described in the Book of the Scott. However first you must remove the handlebars. These are fixed like a bicycle with an expander bolt. Unscrew the retaining bolt in the centre of the bars about 5 turns and tap it down to release the expanding taper. It should then be possible to remove the handlebars by twisting and pulling them upwards.

The top tension spring cap is a bit tricky to remove as the spring is quite strong and it does need a strong piece of wire to pull it out far enough to un-hook the tension spring.

I need to change the head races on my 1930 2 speeder which has a different arrangement for mounting the handlebars. I shall take some photos and make a drawing of this arrangement when the time comes and put it in Yowl.

I will explain more at the Midlands SOC meeting on Monday.