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Hi Chris.
Assuming that you have the correct 7″ Scott/Enfield rear hub and brake with six cush drive rubbers behind the sprocket, there is no offset. In other words the wheel rim should be centrally positioned between the spoke flanges. As a final check that you have a genuine wheel, there should be an “S” stamped on the inner part of the hub in direct line with the grease nipple hole. Hubs supplied by Enfield to other manufacturers were slightly different so my advice might not apply to them. For example those supplied to Brough have a “B” stamped on them, “P” for Panther, “N” for Norton, etc.. These have a different chain line, with less or more offset built into the sprocket, different sizes and shapes of spoke flange, etc.. They can be cobbled up to fit a Scott but may need some offset building into them.