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Hi again Gary.
Your Amal carb is considerably later than 1927, but is probably a much better carb for your Scott than a Two-jet Binks or an AMAC.
I would be looking for a 170 main jet, a number 6 needle, and a number 3 slide. Also make sure that there is NO discernible looseness in the fit of the slide in the body. Try having the needle in the middle mounting groove for a start, and as regards the pilot air screw, screw it fully in and then unscrew one and a half turns. Unscrew the throttle stop screw until is not touching the bottom of the slide for initial setting up tests.
To start, turn on oil and petrol (gas to you!), then flood carb until fuel squirts out of the float chamber breather hole. Give two gentle kicks on the kickstart lever with the throttle closed to suck some mixture into the engine. Then open throttle about one quarter and give a firm but not violent kick on the kickstart lever. It SHOULD in theory now be running!!
When running immediately check that oil is flowing.

I hope this helps but if you still have problems let me know.

Regards, Brian Marshall.